"Cancer Cure" Food Supplements - the problems
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Foof supplements
Food Supplements as "cancer cures."





Food Supplements as "cancer cures."

The words “cancer cure” are very tricky. The word "cure" is actually protected by the FDA. Therefore, there is more politics involved in a cure than anything else. By definition, there is no way that a food can "cure" anything. This is a shame, as drugs can have more side effects than benefits.

As long as there remain crippling and fatal diseases, there will undoubtedly be individuals eager to offer "alternatives" to scientific treatment and large numbers of desperate individuals willing to purchase them.

You cannot pick an alternative cancer treatment the same way you pick your other medications, despite the enthusiastic claims of well-meaning people:

bulletJust because an alternative cancer treatment worked for someone else, that does not mean it will work for you.
bulletEven though there are many viable alternative cancer treatments, there isn't a "best" treatment for a certain type or stage of cancer.
bulletMost alternative cancer treatments only work on a minority of the people who try it.

Natural doesn't always mean effective. Scammers take advantage of the feelings that can accompany a diagnosis of cancer. They promote unproven –- and potentially dangerous –- remedies with claims that the products are both “natural” and effective. But “natural” doesn’t mean either safe or effective when it comes to using these treatments for cancer. In fact, a product labeled “natural,” can be ineffective and even downright harmful.

Some supplements in the news:

Liquid Zeolite is used to detoxify the body and to support a healthy immune system. If your immune system is healthy and functional, you can start to heal yourself and even eliminate your cancer or any other disease. Zeolite Cancer Cure is said to be a mineral that naturally attracts heavy metals into a cage-like structure. When we ingest a Liquid Zeolite product, heavy metals and other toxins are attracted into the Zeolite cages and are eliminated.

Laetrile (amygdalin or Vitamin B17) therapy is one of the most popular and best-known alternative cancer treatments.  

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Laetrile is the trade name for laevo-mandelonitrile-beta-glucuronoside, a substance allegedly synthesized by Ernst T. Krebs, Jr., and registered with the U.S. Patent Office for the treatment of "disorders of intestinal fermentation." This compound is chemically related to amygdalin, a substance found naturally in the pits of apricots and various other fruits.
On September 1, 2000, a United States District Court Judge issued a preliminary injunction against World Without Cancer, Inc., The Health World International, Inc. of Bay Harbor Island, Health Genesis Corporation, an Arizona concern that does business in Bay Harbor Island, Florida and David E. Arizona, an officer of the three corporations. The ruling enjoins the defendants from introducing or causing the introduction into interstate commerce of laetrile products, apricot seeds, or any other unapproved drug product as well as manufacturing, processing, packing, labeling, promoting, or distributing these or any other new drug. The order also requires the defendants to modify their Internet websites to cease using the websites to promote the sale of or offer for sale their laetrile products.
Cancer Tutor for more information.

Cesium with some additional potassium and magnesium has been touted for fighting cancer, with some impressive results. Take it while working with a doctor or naturopath, as you can get your mineral levels messed up using it.

Artemisia has been advertised by some as a cancer killer. There has been some concern about making sure you don't take too much of this herb, though it is claimed to be much safer than chemotherapy or any drug.

An extract from the Venus Flytrap, is a highly publicized "cancer cell killer." It dissolves primitive cells including cancer cells but does not harm healthy cells.

These are just a few examples. ALWAYS consult with your doctor before purchasing anything.

National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) is the federal government’s lead agency for scientific research on complementary and alternative medicine.

National Cancer Institute (NCI) conducts and funds major cancer research programs. Its website has information on a variety of cancer topics, including complementary and alternative medicine.

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