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colloidal silver
Colloidal Silver






Colloidal silver is a liquid suspension of microscopic particles of silver. A colloid is technically defined as particles which remain suspended without forming a dissolved solution. Colloidal silver with concentrations of 30 parts per million (ppm) or less are typically manufactured using an electrolysis process, whereas colloidal silver with higher concentrations of 50 ppm or more are usually silver compounds that have been bound with a protein.

Colloidal silver is currently marketed for internal and external use as an alternative medical remedy. Studies have demonstrated the anti-bacterial effect of electrically generated silver ions. Excessive ingestion of colloidal silver can result in argyria, a cosmetic condition in which the skin irreversibly turns blue or grey.

Silverís anti-bacterial powers have been tested and proven scientifically even though its power as a bactericide has been known for centuries. The ancient Phoenicians, for example, knew that water, wine or vinegar kept in silver vessels stayed fresh during long sea voyages.

Silver interrupts a bacteria cellís ability to form chemical bonds essential to its survival. These bonds produce the cellís physical structure so bacteria in the presence of silver literally falls apart. Cells in humans and other animals have thick walls and are not disturbed by silver. Therefore, silver prevents bacteria growth but is harmless to humans.

One of the most important uses of silver as a biocide is in hospitals and other health care facilities because they grapple with MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), a type of life-threatening Staph germ. MRSA is resistant to almost all chemical antibiotics, so many hospitals are employing silver-imbedded equipment including surgical tools, catheters, needles, stethoscopes, furniture, door handles and even paper files.

There is too little data involving cancer and colloidal silver to definitively draw any conclusions on efficacy of any treatment. However, many personal experiences exist that show at least a beneficial effect of use, even when normal allopathic treatment is administered.

Silver ions have been shown in FDA certified laboratory tissue studies to kill human cancer cells.  

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Dr. Robert O. Becker, M.D., orthopedic surgeon and medical research doctor, is one of the early pioneers responsible for the resurgence of silver use in medical applications.
See Robert Becker's website.

Silver Colloids is a very helpful website on this controversial subject.

Silver Gen has more information.

Colloidal Silver has a website that is worth investigating.

According to the Mayo Clinic:
Colloidal silver is not considered either safe or effective in any of the health claims manufacturers make. No studies to evaluate colloidal silver have been published in reputable medical journals. Thus, all the claims for health benefits are based on manufacturers' opinions and anecdotes.
The Food and Drug Administration does not consider colloidal silver safe or effective to treat any disease or condition.
Whenever you're considering taking a new dietary supplement, two questions are key:

bulletWill this do what the manufacturer or advertiser claims?
bulletIs it safe for me?

Your physician is your best partner to help you answer such questions.

Taking colloidal silver could have serious side effects, such as argyria, which causes a bluish-gray discoloration of the skin, other organs, deep tissues, nails, and gums. Argyria is permanent and cannot be treated or reversed.

Also see the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

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