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food to avoid
Nutrition — To Battle Cancer





What to Eliminate. What to avoid.

Coffee, tea (with too much caffeine), sugar, white flour, white rice, milk, oils (except olive oil), liquor, fried food, meat from animals that have been raised with hormones or antibiotics, citrus (one or two oranges is maximum), vitamins that are not indicated for you specifically, refined salt, sea salt has been given the ok by many naturopaths and nutritionists), cocoa, over-processed foods, foods with additives and drugs (these include all over-the-counter remedies, such as pain relievers, antacids, cough and cold medicines). Keep in mind that these are just general guidelines. Some people actually need coffee to counteract the alcohol created by their pancreas. Some people need animal proteins. Some need citrus. Only a thorough chemical analysis can tell you specifically what to eat and what to avoid. However, everyone with cancer should avoid all sugars and any foods containing partially hydrogenated oils (which means you must learn to read labels as the food industry is slowly slipping these fats into nearly everything: frozen foods, cream soups, cocoas, cheese products, you name it).

CANCER LOVES SUGAR. Your oncologist knows this, yet most feed their patients cookies and candy. If you dislike your cancer, then don't feed it.
All sugars are out (although some centers allow the more complex sugars in moderation while others forbid them entirely). Cancer loves sugar and your liver hates it. Sugars put a terrible strain on your liver. The only recommended sweetener is Stevia. Stevia, interestingly enough, was outlawed for internal use by the FDA right about the same time they okayed Aspartame (NutriSweet®, Equal® ). However, grass roots campaigns have forced the FDA to allow Stevia to be sold in the US again. Stevia has been used for decades with no side effects, and can be purchased at most health food stores. If you must use a sugar, use it sparingly, and make sure it is an unrefined form, such as Sucanat or Florida Crystals (both are registered trademarks). Avoid all other sugar substitutes: your liver hates them.
Foods to Avoid.

Avoid salt-cured, pickled, or smoked foods. Avoid all processed foods and trans-fatty oils as if they were the cause of your cancer itself. Avoid inorganically raised foods.



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food to eat

Alcohol is completely out—your liver must be in tip top shape for the
metabolism of vitamin A.

Nuts: when your immune system has been compromised, nuts are out, at least when beginning to rebuild your immune system. They put a strain on your digestion. Avoid peanuts, which can contain carcinogens from a very common mold often found on them. However, when you begin getting back on your feet, almonds are a must.

Avoid parsnips; animal studies show they cause cancer after a period of time. Avoid sugar and sugar substitutes. Avoid fried foods. Avoid foods that have chemical additives. Avoid foods cooked in a microwave.

Vinegar. Most vinegars you purchase are destructive to your liver and digestive tract. According to Dr Norman Walker who wrote Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices (a must for anyone thinking of juice fasting or just making their own fresh juices), most vinegars contain only acetic acid, not a plus for a cancer diet. Apple cider vinegar contains, in addition to acetic acid, malic acid, an element of the digestive process. If you are going to use vinegar, use unpasteurized, unfiltered, organic apple cider vinegar.

Keep citrus fruit to a minimum. It is stated that orange juice fights cancer, but that is prevention only. Citrus puts your body into an acidic state. Nearly all of the cancer institutes say the same thing: if you are battling cancer, keep your citrus to a minimum. Get your vitamin C from supplements.

Avoid fluoridated and chlorinated water, but keep your fluid intake up. Ice cold beverages are out. Chinese medicine reminds us that the temperature of digestion is 100º Fahrenheit. Drink your water (and other beverages) at room temperature.

Avoid caffeinated and artificial drinks, which contain fluoridated and chlorinated water, and fruit juices that have been processed or that have extra sugars added.

Fats and Oils

Most fats/oils should be kept to a minimum especially if they are human made or over processed (corn oil is deadly, margarine even more so), though you will want to get your allotment of Omega-3s. Avoid heating up oils; heat causes oxidation and the release of free radicals. Mayonnaise and margarine are out. Avoid trans fatty (partially hydrogenated) oils as if they were the cause of your cancer (for we are slowly discovering, they just might be the cause).


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