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Dating Advice

You don't have to be lonely.
You don't have to be scared.

What should you look for when you start dating?

Trust and honesty should be at the top of the list. If a man doesn't have this, the rest of it doesn't matter much. Love can't survive without trust. You need someone who you can rely on always to tell you the truth. Otherwise how do you know when it is the truth and when it isn't? This is the foundation that relationships are built on.

Explore his interests and what he is looking for. Try to see if you seem to be on the same page not only on interests, but about general attitudes. You don't have to agree on everything. Relationship deal breakers are also known as non-negotiable boundaries in relationships, where compromise is not an option for a relationship to continue. For instance, you may be looking for someone to spend a substantial amount of time with and he tells you he plays golf everyday. You may want to spend more time traveling, but he doesn’t like to travel at all. He may be a bigot and you take people how you find them and treat them equally, irrespective of race, religion or ethnic background. These are "deal breakers."

There are many Internet dating sites. eHarmony is good, as it allows you to get to know each other before meeting. Be sure to follow all the rules of the site -- these rules are there for a purpose.

See page on sexual chemistry.

If you want to talk about your dating experiences, go to the forum section.



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