Pick the Right Eyeglass Frames
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eyeglass frames   Pick the Right Eyeglass Frames for Your Face


When itís time for eyeglasses, the right frames will help you make a fashion statement while correcting your vision. But the wrong eyeglass frames will detract from your facial features, so itís important to learn how to choose the right eyeglass frames for your face. The shape of your face will determine the right eyeglass frames.



Look in a mirror and decide the shape of your face. There are generally 7 face shapes: round, oval, triangular (base-up), triangular (base down), square, oblong and rectangular.



Choose frames opposite to the shape of your face.


Round faces look better with angled or square frames, which make your face appear longer and slimmer. A rectangular shape and a clear bridge will widen the eyes.


Triangular, base up (heart-shaped) faces look better with geometric styles, which add width to the bottom part of your face. Try frames that are in light colors or rimless and that are wider at the bottom.


Triangular, base down faces have a narrow forehead and widen at the chin areas. Pick geometric frames with color on the top half.


Full, soft faces look better with sharper edged frames and angular faces look best with round frames.


Square faces look better with round or oval frames, which balance the angles of your face. If your jaw is heavy, try a style that emphasizes the top line of the frame. Narrow frame styles that have more width than depth will make a square face appear longer.


Oblong faces look better with round or curved frames, which take away from the length of your face and emphasize the width. Pick frames with the upper and lower rims of the frame equal in shape. This breaks up the length of your face. Also, choose frames that have a low bridge, which shortens the nose.


Rectangular faces look better with round frames, which make your face seem wider.


Oval faces can use any type of frame. You can choose oval, round or angular.



Choose the right size of frame. Flatter your face shape by choosing frames that are neither too small nor too large and are in proportion to the size of your face. The top line of the frames should usually follow the curve of the eyebrows.



Compliment your skin color with the color of the frame. If you have a cool skin color, pick a cool frame color. Warm frame colors look best on warm face colors. If you have close-set eyes, pick a two-tone frame that is a lighter color at the bridge, which will give an illusion of width. Also, select a frame that is as thin as possible near the nose in order to prevent interference with your reading vision.



Match your personality and choose frames that will go with your taste. You might want several frames for different looks but consider getting one classic style that you can keep for years.



Look for frames that are fashionable, but still complement your face as well as possible. You must be comfortable with your choice for a long time.



Your options are more limited when selecting frames for bifocal or trifocal corrective lenses. Itís best to seek assistance from the optician to ensure the frames you choose will accommodate the corrective lenses you need.


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