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interview follow upFollow up after the interview

You may have done well in the job interview. But now you have to turn that into a job offer. You have competition for the job and the correct follow-up process can help you eliminate that competition.

Always ask for a business card from the interviewer before you leave. This will give you the correct information about the person, like his name, title, mailing address and email address. Also ask when he thinks the decision might be made.

Most people think they should just wait for a decision and not bother the interviewer. Many companies wait before hiring to see who is following up the interview in a professional manner and who really wants the position.

Make notes about the interview while it is still fresh in your mind. These notes will be useful later for a second interview, so you can recall topics of conversation.

Send a thank-you note by email the same evening as the interview, so that the interviewer will get it first thing in the morning. Include your full name, phone number, mailing address and email address. Make sure this email doesn’t go to a spam folder by writing “Job interview follow up for (your name)” in the subject line.

Mail a snail mail letter as soon as possible. Send it overnight or hand deliver this to the company. Use elegant professional-looking stationery and handwrite it. If your handwriting is less than perfect, then type it.

Address the thank you letter to the interviewer by his first name in the greeting and salutation only if you were told to during the interview, otherwise address it in a formal manner.

Thank him for his time, and say that you are very interested in the position. Mention that you would like to be an asset to the company and help propel the business to even greater success.

Insert something personal if possible, such as a mutual interest that came up in the interview.

Write to everyone who interviewed you if there was more than one interviewer.

Add some additional information that the interviewer might be interested in, or some useful information that the company could use profitably. This will help the interviewer to remember you, as most people follow up after a job interview with only information about themselves.

Close the letter with “Yours Truly,” “Sincerely” or “Respectfully Yours.”
Proofread your letter or email thoroughly for grammar, spelling and punctuation
before sending.

Phone the main interviewer a few days after the interview and phone from somewhere quiet. Say you are still interested in the job and ask if there is any other information they need about you. Leave that message on voice mail if necessary. If you speak to the interviewer in person, you can ask how their decision process is going. You might be told that you did or did not get the job or that they are unsure and to call back later. They might be expecting you to prove how keen you are, so keep calling or email. Work out the best time for this call -- not right after lunch, early in the morning or at the end of the working day.

Resign yourself that you didn’t get the job if you don’t receive a letter or email after a few weeks. You will get a job eventually, so don’t despair. If you do get a job offer, but without details of salary or benefits, then follow up with requests for this information. Now you have to start the negotiation process.

Follow up with a thank you letter for the interview even if you don’t get the job. The prospective employer might consider hiring you for another position.

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