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Homoeopathy - a short introduction and first aid remedies

The word homoeopathy comes from the Greek and means "similar suffering."
is a complete system of medicine which aims to promote general health, by reinforcing the body’s own natural healing capacity. Homoeopathy (or homeopathy) does not have treatments for diseases. It has remedies for people with diseases.

Perhaps the most important fact about homoeopathy is that it is based on a conception of sickness and disease that is essentially rational, because it is in accord with natural law. Sickness is not a local affair but involves the whole person, both psychologically and physically. People are not sick because they have a local disease. The local disease is there because they are sick. They are sick because their cells and tissues are not healthy and because, in consequence, there is a state of disorder and lack of efficiency in vital function.

Sickness is a highly individual matter. What counts in every case is not only the nature of the causal factor but also the personal, particular and pertinent reactions of the cells and tissue fluids of the individual. Inasmuch as disease is a deviation form the normal, a disturbance of the balance and rhythm of metabolic process essential to health, it is the living body itself that must undertake the task of reversing the disease process, repairing the damage and restoring normal function. Homoeopathy stimulates and strengthens the natural curative powers of the body.

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