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starting a business  Starting a business and running a business.

Women business owners still confront a handful of obstacles regularly faced by most minority business owners. The most cited barriers include negative perceptions about their ability to run a business, treatment by customers and suppliers, and the difficulty of accessing capital.

Many women in business are not sure whether they should create a Limited Liability Partnership, an S Corporation, or operate as a sole proprietor doing business as (DBA) a particular business name. They also often fail to create the proper entity early on. Once the appropriate business entity is initiated, it is critical that all the necessary paperwork be completed and this should be formally recorded and updated each year.

Managing intellectual property is often overlooked by a woman in business. Before deciding on a trademark, a business owner must make sure it can be protected and does not infringe on another trademark. Once that is determined, it must be registered and protected in agreements with employees and business associates.

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